Studies on Hearing Loss & Injuries

Studies on Hearing Loss & Injuries

Bonnie L. Baehr, Au.D. Hearing Loss

Bonnie L. Baehr, Au.D.

Beverly Hills Hearing Center was founded in 1983 by Bonnie Baehr. Prior to that, Dr. Baehr practiced at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles as a staff audiologist for seven years. She was involved with diagnostic testing, hearing aid evaluations, research and rehabilitation. Dr. Baehr did her clinical fellowship training at the Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic in downtown Los Angeles. She is a member of the American Academy of Audiology, American Speech Language and Hearing Association, California Academy of Audiology and Academy of Doctors of Audiology.
Bonnie L. Baehr, Au.D.

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It is important to be aware of the things that can cause us problems in the future. Hearing loss is a problem that we need to address and know about. There has been an increase in the number of hearing loss patients all over the world. Patients are now suffering more from hearing loss because of the lack of awareness. In many cases, the patients do not take action even when they realize that there is a problem with hearing abilities. In this article, hearing loss is discussed in detail so you can know all about the symptoms, treatment plan and what happens if you ignore it.

Prevalence and symptoms of hearing loss

In the world today, hearing loss is becoming a very big problem. It is reported that about 15 percent of the population of the United States is suffering some kind of hearing problems and they realize it after it is too late. It is important to be aware of the situation that we currently are in and also it is important to know about the signs and symptoms of hearing loss. If you have to ask the person you are talking with to repeat multiple times then it is a cause of being alarmed. If you are hearing a buzzing sound in your ear it can also be a symptom of hearing loss. You can experience trouble distinguishing sounds when there is background noise and you may need to turn up the volume of the TV to hear is also a sign that you should visit a hearing specialist.

Studies of injuries related to hearing loss

We avoid many dangers in our day to day life because of our hearing abilities. Now if you can’t hear something then there are more chances to get an injury. It has been found through studies that many people with a hearing difficulty have to suffer from more injuries than normal persons and many times those around them can be injured. The cry of an infant is very low and it can be difficult for a person who is suffering from a hearing loss to hear the cry and many times when neighbors call for help, they could not hear them. They suffer from more problems than normal people when they are in the streets. We have been relying on our ability to sounds for ages and without being able to hear them we are exposed to many dangers.

Hearing loss treatment with hearing aid

Hearing aids are very commonly used to treat hearing loss diseases. Hearing aids are of many kinds and they are mostly prescribed to the patients when the problem is internal. Hearing aids have changed the lives of millions of people that are suffering from a hearing loss problem all over the world. The task of a hearing aid is to magnify the sound so you can hear sounds that you normally couldn’t with your conditions. But it actually does more than that. Hearing aids are proven to make sure that your condition does not keep deteriorating. It has slowed down the decline of your cognitive functions and many people can live a normal life because of hearing aids. People all over the world have been getting benefits by using hearing aids.

The benefits of treating hearing loss

Like most other diseases, hearing loss can be treated. It is important to take action as soon as the signs of hearing loss are discovered. An expert hearing specialist can guide you through a proper course of treatment. Treatment is important for hearing loss patients as the condition can get much worse if it is left untreated. In many cases, the patients can fully come back to normal life and in some cases, they do need assistance to live a normal life but the conditions are better because of the treatment. People realize the need for treatment when the problem becomes unbearable but it is more beneficial for the patient to take necessary actions when the problem is in its early stages. People all over the world are living a better life because of treatments they received to help with their conditions.