About Beverly Hills Hearing Center

Our Wonderful Staff at
Beverly Hills Hearing Center

We have been serving the hearing needs of the community for more than 30 years. Most of our referrals come from physician’s offices and previous customers. We provide a variety of hearing health care services in a friendly professional atmosphere. We are known for the quality of care we provide and always go the extra mile for our customers.

Beverly Hills Hearing Center provides a comprehensive array of services related to prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of hearing impairment. These services include comprehensive hearing evaluations, specialized diagnostic testing, Impedance audiometry, real ear measurement, acoustic reflex testing, and industrial hearing screenings. Furthermore, our services are not only for people who have hearing problems.

The practice offers custom made hearing protection for musicians, hunters and people who work or sleep in a noisy environment. In addition, custom made in the ear monitors are available for musicians. Custom fitted earpieces for hands-free cellular phone operation, MP3 users and Bluetooth devices are also now available. The popular custom made swim molds are a must-have for both children and adults who enjoy swimming or surfing. Beverly Hills Hearing Center is a provider for Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, SAG and most other plans. The office is fully equipped with state of the art equipment set in a comfortable atmosphere. We’re here to help people with hearing deficiencies live the life they want with the hearing they have.